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In contrast to Western planes, which are used with a pushing action, Japanese planes cut on the pull stroke. For woodworkers used to Western planes, the Japanese plane can be difficult to control, especially in maintaining a consistent and even pressure over the length of the piece being planed. Because of the wooden dai though, the Japanese plane does tend to provide more direct feedback from the planed timber than the metal Western plane, so with a small amount of practise, any left- or right-hand bias in the planing action can be readily felt, and corrected quite easily.

Click on the following links for information about the respective tools.

Hira-ganna 平鉋 (Smoothing plane)

Mentori-ganna 面取り鉋 (Chamfer plane)

Dainaoshi kanna 台直し鉋

Kiwa-ganna 際鉋