Tawara patterns

Tawara kikkō

Tawara is the name for the round-shaped straw bag used for carrying rice, grains, and other produce. This is the first of the patterns in which the pattern kumiko intersect and form half-lap joints with the jigumi kumiko.

Tawara kikkō (
俵亀甲) — Book 3

Miscellaneous kikkō

Yae-kikkō pattern

Tsumi-ishi kikkō pattern

Shippō kikkō

This will be a collection of miscellaneous kikkō patterns that don’t necessarily fall into any other particular grouping.

Yae-kikkō (八重亀甲) — Book 3

Tsumi-ishi kikkō
(積石亀甲) — Book 3
means piled rocks, and in this pattern, the hexagonal shapes look like rocks piled on top of each other.

Shippō kikkō (七宝亀甲) — Book 3