Ryūsō patterns

Ryūsō asa-no-ha (龍爪麻の葉)

Ryūsō kikkō (龍爪亀甲)

Ryūsō (龍爪) means dragon’s claw, and with a bit of imagination, you can picture the claws within the pattern. The ryū pattern variations are:

Ryūsō asa-no-ha (龍爪麻の葉) — Book 3

• Ryūsō kikkō
(龍爪亀甲) — Book 3

Wa-tsunagi patterns

Wa-tsunagi (輪つなぎ)

Yae wa-tsunagi-34 - Edit

Wa-tsunagi (輪つなぎ) means a connection of circles, and in this pattern, the circles are formed by the hexagons and triangles. The wa-tsunagi pattern variations are:

Wa-tsunagi — Book 3

Yae wa-tsunagi — Book 3