Karahana patterns

Karahana kikkō pattern

Yae-karahana kikkō pattern

Karahana (唐花) is a Chinese floral arabesque-like pattern, and the karahana arrangement of petals is often used in family crests. The karahana pattern variations are:

Karahana kikkō (唐花亀甲) — Book 3

• Yae-karahana kikkō
(八重唐花亀甲) — Book 3
Photos showing the making process can be found in my 16 October 2015 blog entry here.

Urahana patterns

Urahana kikkō pattern

Yae-urahana kikkō pattern

Kawari urahana kikkō pattern

Urahana (裏花)See my blog entry of 26 October 2015 for the meaning of this in relation to these patterns. It is still somewhat of a mystery. The urahana pattern variations are:

Urahana kikkō (裏花亀甲) — Book 3

• Yae-urahana kikkō
(八重裏花亀甲) — Book 3

Kawari urahana kikkō (変り裏花亀甲) — Book 3