Benten patterns

Benten kikkō 弁天亀甲
Benten asa-no-ha 弁天麻の葉
Benten tawara kikkō 弁天俵亀甲
Benten mie-kikkō 弁天三重亀甲

Benten is a Japanese Buddhist goddess, and is often portrayed playing a biwa — a Japanese lute. She is linked to the Hindu goddess Saraswati, and is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (Shichi Fukujin) in Japanese mythology and folklore (see blog photo). The benten pattern variations are:

Benten kikkō (弁天亀甲) — Book 3

• Benten asa-no-ha
(弁天麻の葉) — Book 3

• Benten tawara kikkō
(弁天俵亀甲) — Book 3

• Benten mie-kikkō
(弁天三重亀甲) — Book 3

Komachi patterns

Komachi kikkō pattern
Komachi tsuno kikkō pattern

Komachi possibly comes from the name of a bustling market that flourished in Kamakura, a city in Kanagawa Prefecture and the seat of the Shogunate and Regency during the Kamakura Period (1185–1333). The komachi pattern variations are:

Komachi kikkō — Book 3

Komachi tsuno kikkō — Book 3