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New patterns — Urahana variations

The following three patterns for Book 3 are the urahana variations. The actual meaning of urahana (裏花) (or urabana) as it relates to these patterns is a bit of a mystery. Ura () means the back/rear, or reverse side; it also indicates a hidden meaning when used in relation to something that someone has said. Hana () simply means flowers. So here, I think the best thing is simply to accept that a kumiko shokunin sometime in the past decided to call this family of patterns "urahana" and leave it at that.

The three patterns are:

Urahana kikkō
Urahana kikkō 裏花亀甲

Yae-urahana kikkō
Yae-urahana kikkō 八重裏花亀甲

Kawari urahana kikkō 変り裏花亀甲

These are quite interesting patterns to make, and each has its own set of challenges.

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