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New pattern — Tawara kikkō

This is the first of the patterns for Book 3. It's called the tawara kikkōtawara is the name for the round-shaped straw bag used for carrying rice, grains, and other produce.

This is also the first of the hexagonal patterns in which the pattern kumiko form half-lap joints across the jigumi. The jigumi kumiko are 3mm thick (mitsuke), and the pattern kumiko 2mm.

Tawara kikkō pattern

The book will go into a detailed step-by-step explanation on how to make this and the other patterns covered. As with all the patterns I'll cover in the book, this was crafted with normal hand tools, and jigs that have already been made. For these patterns, though, a pair of pincers or tweezers will prove to be an essential piece of kit.

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