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45th National Tategu Exhibition

Well, the annual tategu fair is over for this year. This year it was held in Hida-Takayama, a city of about 100,000, located in Gifu Prefecture.

To say it was amazing is a massive understatement. There were fewer exhibits than there were at Akita last year, probably because of a combination of the disaster in March and the smaller venue, but what it lacked in size, it certainly made up in quality, and the “wow” factor.

The main prize is the Prime Minister’s Prize, and this year it was won by a second-generation tategu/kumiko shokunin from Aichi Prefecture. His father won the Prime Minister’s Prize in 1988, and this is the first time that the main prize has been won by both a father and son. It was well deserved. The price for the work is ¥12,000,000, or about $140,000.

I couldn’t get back far enough for a single photo, so I had to split it up. The skill necessary to produce something like this is incredible. The kumiko in the
jigumi (the base) are 1.0 mm thick, and the smaller kumiko forming the internal patterns are 0.8 mm thick.


Next year the exhibition will be held in Fukuoka City, Kyushu.
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