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New pattern - Shokkō

This is the shokkō pattern, and the latest one I’ve made for Book 2. Like all of the shokkō family of patterns, this also lends itself to tremendous variety in shape and character. Apart from the large number of cuts, the most difficult aspect of this pattern is that there are two different angles in the jaguchi on both ends of the diagonal locking pieces. In this particular design, one side of the jaguchi is 67° and the other is 23°.

It took nearly an hour through trial and error to set up the two
jaguchi jigs needed to cut the two angles. Even after the end stops had been set on the jigs, minor variations in the pattern dimensions (a natural result of hand cutting everything) required very slight adjustments in the relative position of the locking piece being cut and the end stop. This is what is known in Japanese as “kan” (), which is a sense or feel based on experience. Believe me, there’s a lot of kan involved in shoji, and especially kumiko work.

Shokkō (蜀江)

Now it’s back to the shoji video for YouTube.

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