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Rocking chairs and shoji - an update

This is just a quick update on rocking chairs and shoji.

I’ve been granted the rights to sell Hal Taylor’s rocking chair book, back brace hole template, paper template set, and the three-disc DVD set to woodworkers in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, so a page covering that can be found
here. With the exchange rate the way it is, these prices are very good, and for woodworkers in this part of the world, postage doesn’t require a new mortgage on the home. Sales are only available to woodworkers in Australia, NZ and Japan, though.

The next piece of info is that I’ve started putting pen to paper for my second dead-tree book. The title will be
Shoji and Kumiko Design, Book 2, Beyond the Basics. It will include all the patterns in the Kindle books that weren’t in Book 1, plus a few additional square patterns. I’ll also move onto the diamond kumiko arrangement, and there are quite a few interesting and challenging patterns there as well. And I’ll also briefly touch on the mitsu-kude arrangement, and possible one or two simple patterns in that jigumi. I don’t have a time-frame for the book as yet, but I’m looking at sometime mid next year, fingers crossed.

In the meantime, please have a look around my restructured website. There’s a bit more info about kumiko and some of the tools, and of course, there’s the new section on rocking chairs.

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