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My new YouTube channel

We’re back from our trip to Japan, and over the next couple of weeks or so I’ll post quite a few photos from our journey around Shikoku, where we visited many of the famous castles there. Most of the castles we visited were the original structures (mainly the castle tower, or the keep), and were absolutely amazing. But I’ll talk more about them in future blog entries.

The main piece of news is that I’ve opened up a YouTube channel, and uploaded my first video today. It’s fairly self-explanatory, and I hope that everyone interested in shoji and kumiko patterns will find it, and the series it introduces, of some value.

I’ll be trying to upload new videos fairly regularly, but that will depend on how work is going, and also how quickly I can move ahead with the writing for my second hard-copy book. So far it’s been progressing reasonably smoothly, and fingers crossed that it continues that way.
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