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New Andon (2)

Asa-no-ha patterns are finished, and today I started on a second pattern. This one is the kawari-yae-zakura (変り八重桜亀甲 - yae-zakura variation). I first saw this at the National Tategu Competiton and Display in Akita, Japan, in June, and thought it looked quite stunning. It lends itself well to “patterns within patterns” using different timber colours and textures, and I’ll try to incorporate this into my overall design.

Progress so far. One more panel to do.

This is the start of the kawari-yae-zakura. Diagonal crosses now have to be inserted into each of the three smaller triangles within the larger equilateral triangles. Because it will get quite crowded in there, these pieces are around 1.3 mm thick. The timber is Australian Red Cedar (Toona ciliata).
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