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New andon

Built the frame to a new andon, and have now started on the kumiko panels. First was the mittsu-kude base. This is perhaps the most critical part, because if this isn’t done properly, none of the internal patterns will fit.

The pitch is 27.71 mm (from left side of one diagonal kumiko to the left side of the adjacent kumiko). The kumiko are 1.75 mm wide (見付け). The 5c coin gives an idea of the space I have to work with. This was done entirely by hand using a Nakaya handsaw.

I then attached the tsukeko, and started on the asa-no-ha section. This is after a few hours work. The asa-no-ha pieces are 1.5 mm wide. The timber is Silver Ash (Flindersia bourjotiana).

More to follow once I start the other patterns.
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