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The difference an asa can make

Work on the naka-nuki shoji has been a bit slow of late, but I thought I’d show how a couple of simple asa-no-ha bands can really set off a shoji.

nakanuki with asa

The important aspect of the square
asa-no-ha and what really gives it its beauty is the central highlighted circle formed by the convergence of the 16 pieces (jigumi, diagonal pieces, and the hinge pieces). This circle literally shines with lighter coloured wood, and can only happen when the hinge pieces fit fully into the corners. Unfortunately this requires a bit of extra time, effort, and cutting angles when making the asa-no-ha.

So to do justice to this wonderful pattern, please don’t take any short cuts. You’ll end up with a much more attractive, and traditional looking

asa-no-ha pattern that fits into the triangular mitsu-kude jigumi is a much simpler design with fewer angles to work with, so there’s not the same issue with that.

Next will be the
kiri pattern in the central band, and then it will all come together.

Unfortunately, because of a few other projects and things happening, this will be the last Book 2 shoji for a while, and my writing of the book will have to go on the back burner for quite some time.
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