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More patterns for Vol 3

These are a few more patterns I’ve been making up for Volume 3.

Some of these patterns use the
jaguchi joint in the locking pieces to secure the pattern. I touched on the jaguchi joint in kumiko very briefly in the asa-no-ha section of Book 1 in the dead-tree version and in Volume 1 in the ebook version, mainly as an introduction, but in Volume 3 I explain in detail how to cut and fit this joint. The principle is much the same as the jaguchi joint I use in the rail and stile joinery in shoji: angled extensions help to hold the piece firmly in place.

These patterns are in no particular order.

soroban-kuzushi  kikko-nishiki
Soroban-kuzushi (left); Kikkō-nishiki (right)

tsuno-shokko  yotsuba_kaku-tsugi
Tsuno-shokkō (left);Yotsuba kaku-tsugi (right)

yae_tsuno-shokko  yae_shokko
Yae tsuno-shokkō (left); Yae shokkō (right)


All these patterns are also shown in the square patterns page.

A few more to complete, then I’ll start rewriting and putting them together for publication. The book after that—Volume 4—should be the last of the square patterns; from there I move on to the diamond patterns, and all angled cuts from then on.

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