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New pattern - Hakkaku-tsunagi

I completed a new pattern today for inclusion in Book 2 - Beyond the Basics. It’s the hakkaku-tsunagi. Hakkaku means octagon, so the pattern is a “connection of octagons”.

Hakkaku-tsunagi pattern
Hakkaku-tsunagi pattern

At this stage I’m looking at about 20 additional patterns to those in my Kindle e-books for inclusion in Book 2. So depending on how big it becomes, altogether there will probably be between 35 and 40 patterns in the new book, mostly in the square
jigumi base, but towards the end I’ll start on some of the diamond patterns. The mitsu-kude hexagonal patterns will have to wait until Book 3.

And so far I’ve been making reasonable progress.

More patterns to follow as I make them.

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