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We’re currently staying with daughter at her apartment in Tokyo. We’re heading off to the tategu display in Gifu later on in the week. In our travels around Tokyo today in preparation for our Gifu trip, we decided to head off to Shibuya to buy a few things. This also meant, of course, dropping in to see the statue of Hachi, the faithful dog who waited outside Shibuya Station for something like nine years for his deceased master to return.


The detailed story can be found
here. Dogs seem to be among the first things that come into mind when talking about loyalty.

In Australia we have our own version of Hachi. Ours is the
Dog on the Tuckerbox, located just outside of Gundagai in New South Wales along the Hume Highway. Although the story is more legend than real, and is based on a mid-19th century poem, I’ve no doubts that the poem itself would have been based on a real story of intense loyalty a dog felt for it owner.

A couple of work-related visits over the next couple of days, then off to Gifu. As an aside, this is the piece that won the Prime Minister’s Prize at the competition last year. It shows a scene from a well-known festival in Akita.


It was absolutely stunning. Those are full-sized doors.
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