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Frame for new pattern

Today I finished the frame and jigumi for a new art piece that will feature the kiri_asa pattern. Kiri () is Japanese for the paulownia tree. As you can see by the jigumi, it’s a square pattern, and the kumiko are 3.2 mm (1/8 inch) thick (mitsuke). The vertical kumiko pitch is 15 mm, and the pitch of the squares that will house the kiri pattern is 60 mm.

This pattern is quite stunning when featured in a set of
shoin shoji doors. The one I’m making is an art piece and won’t be subject to the normal stresses of shoji doors, so I’ll be altering the cutting and assembly method slightly to speed up the process.

All kumiko pieces in the
kiri-asa pattern are secured in place by jaguchi joints (which can be seen in the square asa-no-ha pattern explanation) of differing angles, so it is quite challenging.


All going well, I should have it finished tomorrow, after which I’ll add an explanation to the Patterns page.
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