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1st book draft done

Over a month since my last entry, but I haven’t been slackening off. At the urging of wife Mariko, I’ve decided to bring forward my plans for a book. Over the past month or so I’ve been gathering all my notes and other bits and pieces of info I’ve collected over the years, and I started to put them into some form of order.

The first draft has been written, now it’s just a matter of doing all the illustrations and photos - that’s the hard part. Initially, I was thinking of just the one book, but I realised that it would have only touched the surface, and it wouldn’t have given me the scope to include details on how to make the more intricate kumiko patterns.

This is the intro part of the first book. It’s only at the first draft stage, so the final version will probably bear no resemblance to this draft version. But at least it will give some idea of what the book will include. The final version is still a few months away, so there won’t be a great deal of sleep until it’s finished and out of the way. Hopefully the second one will be easier than the first.

Intro - 1st draft

The college I attended in Toyama, Japan (
Shokugei Gakuin), have released a 2 minute promotional video on the courses it offers. It takes a bit of time to load and watch, but it’s quite interesting and quite well done, and very natsukashii.

It’s at this link

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