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Couple of relaxation pieces

After finishing the landscape piece above, I needed something less taxing to give my mind a bit of a break.
As an aside, I used eight different patterns in the piece:
kuruma-kikkou, dahlia, kaza-guruma, rindou, kawari-yae-zakura, yae-zakura, yae-asa-no-ha, and kawari-asa-no-ha. All these patterns are described in the Patterns 02 section.

The two pieces I finished next are
asa-no-ha in a diamond (hishi-gata) jigumi. A very simple pattern and design, but I think quite effective in their simplicity. Wife Mariko designed the first piece, and the second is my design effort. Kumiko timber is Huon pine, and the frame is kauri. For these frames I used a gloss finish, rather than the usual satin finish.


Over the next week or so I’ll add a tools section detailing the tools that I use in my
kumiko-zaiku. If I can get it to work properly, over time I’ll also add short videos on how I use the specialist tools, and also bits and pieces on Japanese tools, especially hand-planes, in general.
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