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Book 3 - The writing's finished

All the Book 3 writing and pattern making is finished, and I'm now waiting for the proof copy to arrive so I can begin the editing, rewriting, and anything else that's necessary to get it into a publishable state.

The book is 196 pages, 356 photos, and 164 diagrams, and gives detailed instructions on how to make 45 hexagonal patterns.

This will bring the Shoji and Kumiko Design series of books to an end. The three books give instructions on five complete (but scaled down) shoji, and more than 80 different patterns. I started writing the first of the books more than five years ago.

The following photo is the tentative cover. Provided it looks good on the proof copy I'll receive, this will probably be the eventual Book 3 cover.

Book 3 cover

Hopefully, all the checking will be finished and the book will be ready for publishing before the end of the year.

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