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Book 2 update

It certainly has been a while since the last entry. Work and writing has kept me away from the website, and also from making up the YouTube videos, so my apologies to people who are waiting for the next instalment in the shoji making. I’ll be able to get back to it soon.

The big thing is that I’ve finished writing up all the patterns for
Book 2, Beyond the Basics. This is my second hard-copy book, and in it I give detailed explanations on making two shoji, and over 40 different patterns. Some of these patterns are in the Kindle ebooks, but there are also many new patterns explained. At about 230 pages, Book 2 is around 60 pages or so longer than Book 1, and it contains purely instructions. There’s no padding. At this count, there’s 336 photographs and 189 detailed diagrams. Like the first book, Book 2 will be self-published, and I cover my thoughts on self-publishing and my preference for it in my blog entry when I published Book 1 here.

I also give detailed explanations on cutting the diamond base (
jigumi), a couple of patterns, and a few diagrams of some of the diamond patterns. And I give detailed instructions on cutting the hexagonal jigumi and the mitsu-kude joint, and sixteen or so hexagonal patterns. I cover all of the hexagonal patterns I show on this website, and a couple of extras. These are detailed instructions so that you can make all of these patterns with just a few jigs that you make up yourself. You do not need any specialised or expensive Japanese tools.

All that’s left to do now is a bit of additional wrap-up writing, indexing, and other bits of tidying up. Then checking, editing, proof-reading, and any necessary rewriting. So there’s still a bit of extra work to do before I can give it the final OK, but hopefully it shouldn’t take overly long. I’m very excited about this book as it brings together all that I’ve learnt and experimented with since completing my course at Shokugei Gakuin, and I hope you will find of some interest and value.

Now back to the writing so I can finish the book off as soon as possible.
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