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New patterns — Futae-zakura and wa-tsunagi

These are a couple of new patterns for Book 3. The first is the futae-zakura kikkō (二重桜亀甲), and this is one of the sakura family of patterns. The other sakura patterns (sakura, yae-zakura, and kawari yae-zakura) are covered in detail in Book 2.

Futae-zakura kikkō pattern (二重桜亀甲)

The second is the
wa-tsunagi (輪つなぎ), which means a connection of circles, and in this pattern, the circles are formed by the hexagon and triangle shapes.

Wa-tsunagi pattern (輪つなぎ)

This now brings the number of patterns for Book 3 to twenty, so I've completed roughly half of what I want to include in the book. All going well, I hope I'll be able to finish making and writing some time mid-way through next year, and finally publish it no later than this time next year. Fingers crossed.


Two new patterns — Dragon's claw

These two patterns are the ryūsō (dragon's claw) variations.

Ryūsō asa-no-ha  龍爪麻の葉
Ryūsō asa-no-ha 龍爪麻の葉

Ryūsō kikkō  龍爪亀甲
Ryūsō kikkō 龍爪亀甲