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Book 2 now available

Hopefully all the typos have been corrected, and after three and a half years, Shoji and Kumiko Design, Book 2 – Beyond the Basics is completed, and now available.

The book covers all of the patterns on this website that weren't included in Book 1.

Making a shoji - Part 2

The second part of the Making a shoji video series is now up on YouTube.

I'm now just waiting on a proof copy of
Beyond the Basics to make the final check for any typos, then I'll click on the "approve" button at CreateSpace to make it available. Hopefully this will happen today or tomorrow.


Book 2 — Nearly there

I've ordered the second proof of my book Beyond the Basics, so it shouldn't be too long before I'm satisfied that it's ready for final publishing.

This is the cover that it will probably have (although this may change). The photo is of my art piece
HANABI, and the book covers every pattern in there, and quite a few more.

Shoji and Kumiko Design Book 2 Beyond the Basics cover