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15 Sep 2013
New section addedKumiko Art Sales. Small items of kumiko art can be purchased at a very affordable price. Here is your chance to own a piece of this unique Japanese craft form without having to mortgage your home.
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17 Mar 2013
Kindle e-book Getting The Most From Your Kanna published.

Welcome to the beauty of traditional Japanese shoji and kumiko art

Shoji (障子, pronounced “shaw-ji”) are traditional Japanese translucent paper-backed doors, windows and room dividers, and evolved into their present style around the mid-11th century.

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The internal latticework (kumiko — 組子) comes in a vast range of designs, from very simple vertical and horizontal lattice, to patterns and landscape scenes that are absolutely breathtaking in their complexity and detail.

Our workshop is located in the beautiful and sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, and we specialise in shoji doors and windows and shoji screens featuring patterns that highlight the aesthetic beauty of kumiko art. We also design and produce fine furniture incorporating intricate kumiko patterns.

Please look around our site. Over time, we will add images of the items we have made and are making to the
gallery. By its very nature, kumiko work is largely done by hand, so for the woodworking oriented, we will also include information about the hand tools we use.

In early 2012 we published the first of our books on shoji and kumiko design —
Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 1 The Basics.
A list of all shoji styles and patterns in the books can be found here.
Des and Mariko King
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
Please contact us by email through the Contact Page here.